We help businesses leverage online marketing.


At Nairobi Online Solutions, we offer advice to small and medium enterprises on how the can benefit from the online networking through digital marketing, social media trends  as well as search engine optimization. 

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SMEs Online Presence Starter Pack



Every startup in Kenya needs to have the following in order to enhance their presence online:

  1. Business Email
  2. Atleast one social media page -  (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
  3. Functioning Website


We will guide you through setting up all these and more all at a startup friendly price.

Professional webhosting services.


You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly adopting new and evolving trends in the industry with a quest to meet our clients expectations. 

 We provide top quality webhosting services.

Our mission is to provide best solution that suites everyones needs.

Please fell free to contact us on any matters regarding ICT and internet technologies.

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Need to talk to us?

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